365-Day Writing Challenge

I have been struggling to get back into writing after a year-long hiatus, so I have decided to take part in a 365-Day writing challenge (The challenge and prompts can be found here: http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/).

I have decided to use this challenge as a tool to build background information for my novel. Even being less than 2 weeks into the challenge has inspired me to continue my story. I will now try to include at least one of these prompts in my blog each week. The prompt I chose to include this week was number 9: Choose an animal. Write about it!

It wasn’t hard to think of an animal to write about since I did a lot of world building and imagining living organisms on this world. But, it felt really good to actually sit down and write it into reality. It is a pretty short rough draft, but here is what I have:

Carmen was looking at a sheep. She had expected to see an animal as foreign to her as the strange crabs, but almost everything about it was what you would expect to see on a regular sheep. The only exception was the wool. It was white, but it also had the same iridescent sheen that the other people had on their skin and hair. 

The effect was beautiful, and Carmen couldn’t help but reach her hand out to the nearest sheep. It let out a short bleat as her hand touched the wooly coat. It was as soft as normal wool, and felt like clouds of silk in her fingers. Sheep were familiar to her, but she had never seen one like this before.

I still need to polish it and expand the scene, but I like the general feel of it. I wanted to play with the idea that the nature of the world has caused the character to contemplate what is familiar and what is foreign as she struggles with her memory loss. I also wanted to have a visual difference between life that has evolved and developed on the planet and life that hasn’t (Carmen).


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