365-Day Writing Challenge

I have been struggling to get back into writing after a year-long hiatus, so I have decided to take part in a 365-Day writing challenge (The challenge and prompts can be found here: http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/). I have decided to use this challenge as a tool to build background information for my novel. Even being less than 2 […]

The Expanding Universe

I have had a long writing hiatus. There are no good excuses, besides the everyday pressures and stresses of life. And, seeing as I will soon be entering the terminal stages of my pregnancy (reference for The Office fans), I can’t make any promises on how much writing I will be doing in the future. […]

Finding Another World

It has been a long month of ups and downs since I have last posted. I found it hard to find the time, or energy, or motivation to write. I recovered from my surgery quickly and was diagnosed with adenomyosis. It was disheartening for me, as if we didn’t have enough roadblocks in our path to having […]

The Walking Lightning Rod Problem

I love imagining new worlds. It is almost like solving a puzzle, trying to figure out how a human would interact with a foreign environment. It is this love for exploring imaginary worlds that has led me to writing. In reality, even the most earth-like exoplanets we have discovered have far different conditions than our […]

I Bleed Blue

Any Cougars enthusiast or BYU student will tell you that true BYU fans bleed blue (I’m sure bleeding team colors is actually common for any hardcore fan base, but let’s pretend it exclusive to BYU). Every time I hear this statement, I think about Spock. True his blood is more green than blue, but the […]